Evagardian Fashion Week – the Admiral’s Date Suit


In Free Space the Admiral chooses a suit with a conservative cut that won’t raise eyebrows in either galactic or imperial space. The suit comes off the rack at a station boutique, and is altered to the Admiral’s frame on the spot by an android tailor.

The jacket is single-vented with padded shoulders, and smart fasteners. The belt gives the suit a slightly martial flair, and the Admiral’s decision to wear it without a scarf or collar tab makes it clear he’s not travelling on business. Some of the detailing gives an Evagardian feeling, but the suit is from a Free Trade label.

The Admiral wears polymer dancing shoes intended to look like leather oxfords, and no gloves or accessories.

To be in keeping with fashion trends the Admiral would wear a navy suit with white accessories and white platform shoes. Instead his suit is black, and he’s wearing flats. Fashion clearly isn’t the Admiral’s priority.


Black Golden-style performance oxfords – 80 Free Trade Credits

Low-end Ganraen casual suit – 100 Free Trade Credits

Generic label white tonal stripe collared shirt – 30 Free Trade Credits

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