Atrophy Records

Long before the Admiral series

Book One: Fourth World Wonderland

A cordon surrounds a part of Siberia that’s been abandoned for decades, guarded by soldiers from an ostensibly neutral, international coalition. Most people don’t know that the Quarantine exists, and why would they? Some forgotten corner of Russia isn’t likely to affect their lives.

Elizabeth Belle has been affected by the Quarantine. She doesn’t care what’s inside; it doesn’t matter to her what the governments of the world are trying so hard to hide. For more than twenty years, she’s watched her father’s pursuit of the Quarantine, and seen it swallow the lives of other scientists obsessed with its secrets. She’s never cared about secrets or science, but she does care about her father, and he’s gone.

To find him, she’ll have to follow in his footsteps, not knowing who or what is waiting on the other side of that fence. The whole world wants what’s inside the Quarantine, but all she wants is her dad. No more secrets.

Available on Kindle (and Unlimited) and paperback.

Book Two: No Strings On Me

Silver Bay is a city in decline, and the survivors from the Quarantine haven’t been sent there by chance. Fresh lives and identities in a new place aren’t enough to make them free. The people responsible for what happened in the Quarantine and for the death of Elizabeth Belle are all around them.

What began for Velvet, Frank, and Johan in Siberia didn’t end in that meteor chamber. Something’s happening here, in America, something bigger than anyone understands. Their enemies have a plan, and they won’t stop until everyone plays the roles they’ve been given.

Available on Kindle (and Unlimited) and paperback.