Highest Hopes

The newest Admiral book is available now in ebook and paperback. It follows Sons of Evagard, and you definitely want to be caught up with the series before you get into it. In a few weeks I’ll post again with some information about the next book and things like that, but for now I’m leaving it at this. Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone enjoys it. The description for Highest Hopes:

The Admiral is on the loose with Griffith Karlson, a dangerous New Unity terrorist. Evagard is determined to stop them at any cost.

Tessa Salmagard is also on the run, disgraced and suspected of treason because of her dealings with the Admiral. Her friends are gone, and her family is out of reach. All she has left are unanswered questions. What really happened to Little Norwich? Was Evagard behind it, or is the Admiral really the monster everyone says he is? She’s ready to do whatever it takes to find out, and she has nothing left to lose.

Tensions are high and the Peace Talks seem doomed to fail. Salmagard, the Admiral, and the Empress are on a collision course, and there’s no time left.