The Way Home


Latest: It’s coming down to the wire, but still on track for this year. Fingers crossed. 


We’re doing it. Atrophy, The Way Home, The Zone, Elizabeth–it won’t be perfect and it won’t please everyone, but it will be completed. It’s all coming back in style, starting in 2020. If you’re not familiar with The Way Home, there’s some info in the FAQ.

Update 8/4/2020

Since it looks like I’ll be taking this down to the wire and releasing the first volume very close to the end of the year, here’s some details about exactly what to expect.

  • We will start with a double-length novel-version of the original serial starring Elizabeth Belle, which leads into the Atrophy series that was previously published. This way everything is chronological with no annoying prequel stuff slowing it down. This novel covers a story that will be familiar in some ways to people who read the original, but it’s all-new material.
  • For the re-release of the Atrophy books, the books themselves will be a little different, and I hope, improved. To speed things up and hopefully provide a little better value, these will also be double-length volumes, which means that one volume will include Atrophy and Carrier, and then the next would include Harbinger and Biome. 

After those are released, I will continue that series with new novels. (Probably normal length, though.) At that point we can talk about some kind of release for the original serials.

I hope all that makes sense. If  it doesn’t, contact me on some social media and we can try to figure it out.

The vast majority of Atrophy and The Way Home content will return. It’s a lot so it’ll take time, but we start this year. Unfortunately, the only thing that won’t be coming back is Brigid Allanson’s cover art, but we can remember it fondly.