The Way Home

If you’re lost and you came to this page by accident, here is something borrowed from the FAQ that might help you out:

Q: What in the world is this Zone/Atrophy/The Way Home stuff that keeps getting mentioned?
A: It’s sprawling, cool but flawed fiction/books that I wrote between 2008-2012. It wasn’t a big deal, but it did attract an amazingly faithful following that have no problem guilting me (justly) over leaving it unfinished and actually taking down the fiction and pulling the books from print for various reasons. It still gets mentioned to this day because in 2020 I plan to begin the process of re-releasing it and ultimately finishing it.

There’s a lot to unpack here. Right now I’m tentatively planning to do this, but consider that one step short of a formal announcement. I’ll announce it for real when I’m sure I can/should follow through.

Here’s my plan, starting with the Atrophy books.

I’d like to re-release them, but they’ll need some polish and updating to fit in with overall continuity. I’d begin by releasing the sanitized, condensed, and much-improved novel version of the original ZONE arc.

I plan to release all the original Atrophy volumes individually as inexpensive ebooks, and for the people who insist on having a paper copy, I can probably do some omnibus editions which would include several volumes each. These wouldn’t be fancy, and though I’ll do my best with responsible QC, there will be small errors and issues because they won’t have a real editor.

Ultimately there would also be previously unpublished material, and all-new books to conclude the story.

That would take care of the Atrophy series.


As for the original, I’m considering two options:

1: To simply put everything I have into massive PDFs and release them as they are as just a simple download.


2: I can sanitize and polish the entirety of the serial and release in a cleaner and more methodical way as a sort of Scenario B, if you will.

I’m leaning toward Option 2, just because I wouldn’t be comfortable releasing that stuff without looking at it first (It’s been almost 10 years), and that in itself would be a huge amount of work – so if I’m going through the whole thing anyway, why not sanitize it and bring it closer to the canon?

That’s where we stand at the moment (October, 2019) — as always, I’m open to feedback on these ideas, and I intend to reach some decisions this year. If all goes well, we’ll see some releases with Elizabeth and Velvet in 2020. In the meantime, check out the space books.