Evagardian Fashion Week – Nils’ EV Suit


Ensign Nils in his EV suit

The imperial Environment Suit, or EV Suit, is a uniquely Evagardian invention used by the Imperial Service and its sister branches: Imperial Security and Evagardian Intelligence.

The EV is the standard pressure suit for space operations, and every member of the Imperial Service is issued at least one. A basic EV can shrink or expand to accommodate different physiques, but anyone with a frontline role is issued a bespoke unit.

The suit is temperature controlled, and the collar houses the helmet, which takes about a quarter of a second to deploy. Every suit includes a basic tactical heads up display and holo interface, but some units include extra systems like combat scanners. Depending on which systems are being used, and how extensively, a single charge pack will keep an EV suit powered for 36 to 48 hours. A single O2 cartridge will keep the user breathing for 6 to 8 hours.

The EV Suit is compatible with all imperial operations platforms, with assorted armor, weapon, and tech equipment configurations specific to different career fields and specializations.

Even without additional armor, an EV suit will protect the body from basic trauma and puncture, and the suit will automatically repair most small compromises. There’s nothing that an EV suit can do that other galactic suits can’t – but a Commonwealth suit with comparable technology would take up vastly more space, and weigh at least ten kilograms. An EV weighs only two kilograms, and can be folded down to the size of an ordinary outfit.

EV suits intended for combat can include active camouflage, or different colors or patterns, but the basic white is intended to make the wearer identifiable. The absence of insignias or identifying marks is traditional; imperial thinking is that Evagardians have nothing to prove, so embellishments or attempts to be visually impressive are unnecessary.

Ensign Nils is a systems tech, so he has no specialized equipment to go with his suit; the most he would ever wear would be the standard sidearm and pouch. The sidearm would be in the small of his back, and the pouch would be worn on the hip corresponding with his dominant hand. The pouch would have his family name printed on it, but not his rank.

Nils’ suit is white because he’s not a combat specialist. He has one personal EV unit and one standard backup because he has ship duty.

The EV suit is convenient and comfortable compared to other space suits, but not compared to normal uniforms. Men and women serving aboard ships and stations in combat zones must wear their EVs at all times in case of sudden depressurization. To graduate from Basic Service Training an imperial trainee has to be able to don and seal his or her EV in under five seconds. All service members have to re-qualify on this requirement, along with fitness, marksmanship, and career field knowledge proficiency every 1000 hours.

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