The Admiral Series

Admiral-CoverThe Admiral series tells the story of a man with a secret so dangerous that the fate of an empire hinges on his actions. He has the power to change everything; everything but the past.

He tells people what he needs them to hear, and he never does anything without a reason. It’s clear that the Admiral has a plan, but the odds of him surviving long enough to see it through are getting worse by the second. History is at a crossroads, and only he knows where his loyalties lie.

If he has any left.


The war is over.

Bound for their prestigious first duty station, three imperial trainees wake up aboard an enemy ship. The vessel is crippled, and the crew is missing. The only other living person aboard is a man appearing to be their superior, but he’s much too young to hold the rank he claims. When sabotage becomes evident, paranoia and suspicions run high, but this mysterious admiral could be the least of their worries.

It’s a dead ship on a dead planet; the freighter itself is sitting on ground that could give way at any moment, entombing them all. With no way to call for help, and quickly running out of air and options, their only chance is to embark on a perilous trek across the planet’s surface to reach an enemy colony that may not even be there. With dark questions lingering, they set out – but the planet isn’t as lifeless as it seems, and the war hasn’t ended for everyone.

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freespaceFREE SPACE

Free Space picks up where Admiral leaves off.

It’s a dangerous time after the destruction of the Ganraen capital, but the ceasefire is holding and the peace talks are getting closer. Meanwhile, the Admiral has planned a romantic getaway with Tessa Salmagard in a lawless system outside imperial space, only that’s not going very well thanks to a pair of kidnappers who aren’t fond of Evagardians.

The Admiral has too much left to do to let things like slavers, kingpins, black holes, or the galactic authorities get between him and his work, but now his date is the only one with a chance of keeping him alive, and that comes with a price. Salmagard is an elite bodyguard, but no one ever warned her she might have to chase the Admiral to the seediest corners of the galaxy.

Or protect him from her own government.

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