Small update

First, we are more or less on track to deliver the next Evagard book and the next Atrophy book mostly kind of on schedule this year. If you aren’t caught up with those, this is a good time! Fourth World Wonderland came out pretty recently, so check that out if you haven’t, or see some background on it.

Readers occasionally ask about Evagardian cultural stuff that gets referenced in the books, but doesn’t get explained in detail while stuff is going on. To help out a little with that, I’m sharing some of Tessa Salmagard’s essays on Evagardian culture from her school days that cover things like Evagardian gender dynamics and marriage customs. There’s a whole new page for it under the content tab, kind of like the old Evagardian Fashion Week. You can hassle me on social media if there’s a topic you want to see covered. I’ll add more in the future, but I’ll probably update that on Facebook and Twitter rather than doing a whole site post about it, so keep an eye on those. Or just check back. Whatever works for you.