Plans for 2023

Happy New Year! Clear Sky was released a few months ago, so if you follow the Admiral books, consider checking it out. Now that it’s been out for a minute, I’m comfortable talking about it a little, although without spoilers. I wrote all the Admiral novels between 2011 and 2016. So when I wrote Clear Sky in 2021, it had been a while since I had done anything with those characters and storylines. It was on the short side because it was kind of an experiment to see how it felt in a post-Highest Hopes world.

Well, I enjoyed it and readers appeared to as well, so you can expect a sequel to Clear Sky. It will be longer and more robust. I don’t have a release date for it, but there will be some relevant content in the meantime. Clear Sky references Tessa’s efforts to get Deilani back, but does not show them. I’m going to publish the story of what happened at Logos here on the site. Maybe as a Kindle ebook or something too later, but for now I’ll just do it in a similar way to this Tessa short from a while back. So you can watch for that in 2023.

The new Atrophy book will also come out in 2023. In the summer, by the look of things. So I hope you’ll get caught up on those books and keep an eye out for it. I’m working on other stuff too, but you know how that goes.

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate the support. The kind reviews on Clear Sky mean a lot. I hope everyone has a good year.