Higher and Higher

So Highest Hopes released a couple weeks ago. The story arc that began with Admiral concludes there, so anyone who’s been wanting answers should now have them. After Free Space and the holdup that came after, I felt a lot of pressure to make sure that the whole series got released. With Highest Hopes, I’m considering that campaign promise kept. I really appreciate everyone who stayed in and made it this far.

I really hate releasing books myself. I don’t mind the work; what makes it difficult is knowing that these books are getting released without the level of polish that I like to think that they deserve. I know that must be irksome for readers, and it’s absolutely devastating for my anxiety. But having said that, I really enjoy the Evagardian universe and characters, and while Highest Hopes is the conclusion to the initial arc, I am going to continue it. In fact, I’ve already written the next book. It’s the first new Evagard book I’ve done in over five years; all these Admiral books that I’ve been releasing were written between 2012-2016.

Anyway, what I’m saying is that you can expect the story to continue in 2022 with a new book that will follow Highest Hopes.

Before that, as promised, Atrophy Records continues with the sequel to Fourth World Wonderland. It’s called No Strings on Me, and it should be released later this year. In it, the survivors from Fourth World Wonderland find themselves in the American city of Silver Bay, with the same Evagardians responsible for the conflict in the Quarantine vying to use them as pawns in a plan that they still don’t understand.

I’ll also try to update the FAQ today. That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.