Here we are again

My plan is to have the next Evagard novel released sometime in Q2 this year. I had hoped to have it out around March, but that’s not happening for reasons that have nothing to do with the things I’ve been getting up to. Despite that, things are on track; I feel pretty good about the pace of release lately with the Evagard books, and I’m finally able to right an old wrong by releasing the Atrophy ones.

So things are going pretty well. Expect another Evagard book fairly soon, and then the next Atrophy book later in the year. I’m also considering adding a little more content to the site, but more on that later.

In case you missed it, Fourth World Wonderland released pretty recently. Here’s some info on what that’s all about. You can treat it like a prequel series to the Admiral books, or just as its own thing. There’s also a short story you can read that might give a bit of context for it.

You can get it in ebook or paperback, as usual. I hope everybody’s having a good year. Mine’s okay so far.