The Admiral Must Die

The destruction of Little Norwich is the most monstrous war crime in galactic history, and the Imperium is desperate to clear its name. Evagard needs the Admiral to disappear for there to be peace, but he’s in the one place they can’t get to him: Baykara City.

Meanwhile, Tessa Salmagard’s career is over. Her heroics during the Sterling Station Attack mean nothing beside the suspicion surrounding her dealings with the Admiral. She’s a prisoner of the Evagardian task force in charge of damage control, on a collision course with the man who ended the war and ruined her life.

The Admiral struggles to keep his dream alive in front of the whole galaxy while his own people will stop at nothing to see him silenced.

Sons of Evagard will release soon in ebook and paperback. It follows Innocence and Snowblind directly. Almayer Station is still free. Or you can start at the beginning. I also updated the FAQ.