Details and Giveaway

The planned release date for Innocence is October 11. Some important details:

First and most importantly, there will be a free Kindle version that anyone can just download if they want it. It’s not the cutest, but it works and it doesn’t cost anything. I know Free Space left people hanging for an unfairly long time, so I want it to be as easy as possible for people to find out what happens next.

For those who insist on spending money, there’s an official Kindle version, which is also being given away.

There will also be a paperback version. For even more information, there’s a FAQ.

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Innocence by Sean Danker


by Sean Danker

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Here’s the synopsis: 

No one’s sure if I’m a hero or a monster, but there’s no question that I’m locked up in the most brutal penitentiary in regulated space. This isn’t just a prison, it’s entertainment: everything that goes on here is for the enjoyment of the fans whose subscriptions keep the place running.

“You murdered twenty million innocent people,” one of them tells me. And you know what? When he puts it like that, it sounds kind of bad.

I’ve come a long way to get here, but I’m just getting started. The whole galaxy is watching every move I make and listening to every word I say, so the only safe place is my mind.

That isn’t very comforting.