Deilani’s Dress Whites – Evagardian Fashion Week


Lieutenant Deilani in whites.

Formal dress uniforms in the Evagardian service are unusual in that they don’t include any identifying imagery. There’s no Service emblem or imperial crest, only a rank insignia on the collar, and in some cases a pin to indicate the service member’s specialization. Because Lieutenant Deilani is a physician, her pin is a medical cross.

The uniform for females has a slightly longer tunic than the one for males, and cavalry-style boots. Apart from those two details, the uniform is exactly the same for men and women.

The tunic is double-vented with a roped shoulder, and may be worn with a sidearm.

In a formal setting, medals and decorations may be displayed on the uniform, along with a nameplate on the right breast displaying the member’s family name. The nameplate must match the color of the service member’s rank insignia.

Outside of a ballroom or ceremony, no decorations or nameplates are permitted on dress whites. In a galactic setting, such as a planet, station, or ship outside imperial space, the service member may be required to wear a featureless Service-standard mask.

Officers and enlisted personnel wear identical formal dress uniforms, but only the officer corps is required to wear it while on liberty. Officers may, under certain circumstances, obtain a waiver from their command allowing them to go on liberty in civilian clothes. Because Deilani is relatively new to the Service, in Admiral she proudly wears her whites in public on Payne Station.

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