Admiral is out \ ˚▽˚ /


Admiral is out – you can get it wherever books are sold. Here’s Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes for starters.

Penguin did a nice job on it, and there’s an audiobook version too. My goal was for this to be a fun, SF adventure that anyone could pick up and enjoy. I hope you like it.


Not much else to say except that if you buy it, you have my eternal gratitude. There’s a description and excerpt here.

There’s also some blog posts on a couple subjects to go along with the release if you’re interested. Here they are:

Like this one at Tor about books dealing with the military.

t. salmagard

Military portraits are boring no matter what century you live in.

Or this one about accessibility in entertainment.

There’s this one about good guys and bad guys.

And some interviews, if you want to see me trying really hard not to give up any spoilers.

Interview at My Bookish Ways

Interview at Martha’s Bookshelf

Interview at The Quillery

There’s also the most recent post I did here about publishers and diversity.