No Strings On Me

I’m sorry about the delay on this one, but at this point I’m just glad that it was only six days late. No Strings On Me is available in ebook and paperback, but you’ll want to make sure that you’ve read Fourth World Wonderland first. They’re both free on Kindle Unlimited if you’re into that. Here’s the description: 

Silver Bay is a city in decline, and the survivors from the Quarantine haven’t been sent there by chance. Fresh lives and identities in a new place aren’t enough to make them free. The people responsible for what happened in the Quarantine and for the death of Elizabeth Belle are all around them.
What began for Velvet, Frank, and Johan in Siberia didn’t end in that meteor chamber. Something’s happening here, in America, something bigger than anyone understands. Their enemies have a plan, and they won’t stop until everyone plays the roles they’ve been given.

Meanwhile, I still have my fingers crossed that the follow up to Highest Hopes will be available in the summer, and then the next Atrophy book the following winter. With No Strings On Me, we’re one step closer to me making good on my campaign promise to complete the Atrophy series once and for all. If you like the Atrophy books, check out the Admiral series! And if you like the Admiral stuff, consider checking out Atrophy! Thanks for the support, and I hope you like the story.